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Background & Funding
The Jerome Humane Society is eternally indebted to all its staff, helpers, volunteers, donors, family & friends.

Board Meetings

JHS Board meetings are held every Monday at 9:00 AM, at either the Flatiron or the Mile High. All are welcome to attend. Contact Marge at 928-639-1341 for details.

Behind-the-Scenes Help

In addition to our very capable clinic staff, we have additional, wonderful "behind-the-scenes" help.

Mary Wills is the "force of nature" behind the Jerome Humane Society. She avoids like crazy all the "yucky stuff" blood, pus, any exudate actually but is unsurpassed in her ability to "get things done". Her vision, perseverance, & persuasiveness have resulted in so many wonderful benefits for the Society. Mary is the owner of the astounding kaleidoscope shop Nellie Bly on Main Street in Jerome, & is scheming to get the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile to visit Jerome. Stay tuned! Mary's motto: "Where there's a Wills, there's a way."

Mimi Currier is our secretary & former JHS clinic technician. Mimi is a grant writer extraordinaire, & was responsible for the grant proposals to Bob Barker's DJ&T fund , without which our clinic would be quite equipment-poor. Because of Mimi's efforts, we have top-notch equipment at the Jerome Humane Society, including our brand new X-ray unit. Mimi also presides over our non-profit status.

Margaret Hinrichsen is our archivist & technical solutions person. Thanks to her, the Jerome Humane Society has a pulse oximeter! We are grateful also to her many wonderful friends who have contributed generously to our clinic.

Additional Friends

Many, many of the wonderful people of Jerome have contributed to the success of the Jerome Humane Society in so many ways. They have given us endless support -- financially, materially & emotionally. Our thanks go out to all of them, including the Town of Jerome, the town council, the historical society, the volunteer fire department, the Jerome Bike Jamboree, as well as many of the shops & galleries in town.

Locations around Jerome

The following shops & galleries are regular hosts to Jerome Humane Society activities:
Nellie Bly
Soiled Dove Gallery
Raku Gallery
Spirit Room
Spook Hall

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Contact Information:
appointments: (928)639-1341 clinic: (928)634-6166

mailing address: P.O.Box 807, Jerome, AZ 86331

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